Fundamentals of Nagareru Karate

The free flowing philosophy is the corner stone of the Nagareru Karate Style. Each fighting movement is designed to naturally and smoothly flow into the next in a continuous rolling fashion. The sideways figure eight and the circle shown on the Club logo symbolize the continuous free flowing movement of the style. The movements are designed to work in unison with the natural flow and mechanics of the body and it is primarily from this that the styles speed and power are derived, not from the physical strength or “straight line” speed of the practioner.

The other fundamental philosophy of Nagareru Karate used in conjunction with the free flowing concept is; “if it works, use it”. The implications of this approach are that the Style is open (in a controlled manner) to experimentation and the exploration and evaluation of new techniques and methods. This experimentation and subsequent evaluation is an important part of the continued development of both the Style and individuals. The ability over time, to understand why a technique or method works, or conversely does not work, is equally important to knowing how to execute it!

The principle that unifies these two philosophies is that Nagareru Karate is a fighting art designed to protect/attack when threatened. It is for this reason that semi-contact sparing is practiced during most training sessions. There are countless benefits associated with the physical and mental training of Nagareru, such as improved; fitness, strength, flexibility, self-confidence, discipline, stress relief, mind and body control. However adult students should understand that the primary purpose of learning Nagareru Karate is to improve your sparing abilities.

The final philosophy of Nagareru Karate is for students to be able to learn the Style in a fun, enjoyable, non-threatening, controlled environment.

Evolving Style

Just as each fighting movement of the Nagareru Karate Style naturally and progressively flows into the next, so to does the overall Style, slowly but constantly continue to evolve and develop. This is only natural given one of the underlying philosophies of the Style is; “if it works, use it”, which as explained before, lends itself to experimentation, evaluation and subsequently incremental evolution of the Style and individuals.

Individual Adaptation

Whilst the Nagareru Karate style is based around a set of standard katas, techniques and principles, the philosophies of the style allow so that is can be subtly tailored to individual students.

Whether you are male, female, tall, short, flexible, inflexible, coordinated, uncoordinated the style can be subtly tailored to suit you. This subtle tailoring of the style to the strengths, weaknesses and body type of individual students is best illustrated by the different styles and techniques of the more senior students. Whilst all are distinguishable as Nagareru Karate students, by the way they spar, they each have their own very individual styles and techniques that have been developed over time to suit their own strengths, weaknesses and body type.

All Styles Welcome

In keeping with the philosophies of Nagareru Karate, members of other styles and clubs from beginners to masters are always welcome to come and train at the adult sessions. We actively encourage mixed training/sparing sessions with other styles and clubs, whether they are local or visiting from abroad.

The inter-mingling of different martial arts styles and fighting forms in general, is often discouraged by the more senior members of many styles for a variety of reasons. However the Nagareru philosophy encourages the inter-mingling of styles on the basis that the experience often aids the continued progression and strengthening of both parties at both the personal and overall style levels.

Therefore as stated previously members of any level, from all other styles are welcome to come and train/spar at our adult training sessions, whether it be for a one off lesson to experience a different style or to train for a longer period and learn Nagareru Karate.

The Basic Aims within Nagareru Karate are:

  • Develop and improve students sparing abilities.
  • Physical fitness to strengthen muscular and cardiovascular systems.
  • Learning discipline.
  • Social confidence in meeting people.
  • Recreational activity, for relaxation and relieving tension.
  • Psychological independence and self-confidence.
  • Mind and body control.